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Nutrilite™ Men’s Pack Bundle

 The Men’s Pack Bundle combines three essentials help maintain an active and healthy lifestyle: vitamin and mineral supplements to meet men’s nutritional needs, dual-action vitamin B to fight 

fatigue† and tasty meal bars for a filling and nutritious meal replacement or snack. 

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Nutrilite™ All-Day Support Bundle

 The All-Day Support Bundle includes:

  • Nutrilite™ Men's Pack (30-day supply)
  • Nutrilite™ Vitamin B Dual-Action (120 tablets)
  • Nutrilite™ Twist Tubes 2GO™ – Mango Citrus (24 single-serve pouches)
  • Nutrilite™ Sling Bag

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Nutrilite™ Men's Pack

Take one packet every day to support vitamin and mineral nutritional needs specific to men. Support a strong heart, clear mind, and a healthy immune system.  Convenient nutrition you can slip in your gym bag, glove box, or briefcase when you’re on the go!

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Nutrilite™ Vitamin B Dual-Action

 Fight fatigue before it hits with all eight essential B vitamins packed into a single dual-action, bi-layer tablet. Just one tablet delivers up to eight hours* of energy support.

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XS® Energy Drinks

 Power up your mornings with XS® Sparkling Juiced Energy Drinks. Packed with energizing B vitamins and 200% of daily vitamin C, XS® Sparkling Juiced Energy Drinks contain 25% real fruit juice and up to 80 mg of caffeine, the equivalent of a small cup of coffee!  Sugarfree!!

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Nutrilite™ Twist Tubes 2GO™

 XS™ Sports Twist Tubes leave water in the dust by replacing crucial electrolytes and delivering quick energy to muscles. It’s balanced hydration with a thirst-quenching  flavor in a formula that includes a unique B-lenium blend. 

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 †This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.